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Leptodictyum riparium

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Género Leptodictyum
Nombre científicoLeptodictyum riparium
Nombres comunesStreamside Leptodictyum Moss (eng)

Factibilidad climática


Interacción con otras especies

  • stones in dried-up woodland swamp-hole
  • Magnoliophyta
  • limestone fragments
  • stones
  • decayed log
  • cobbles in slough
  • partially submerged boulder in a pond
  • bushes in a swamp
  • decayed cottonwood log
  • rotten logs in swamp
  • sticks in ponds
  • soil in swamp
  • limestone rocks
  • old stick
  • low branches of buttonbush in shade
  • fallen tree
  • & under oak leaves
  • twigs and leaves in shallow water
  • old logs and sticks over base of clump of willow
  • the stocks of cephalanthus
  • the stock of a shrub
  • tight bark at base of Quercus which appears to be alternately exposed to air and innundated by water
  • punky rotten decorticated hardwood log
  • Rhynchobatus djiddensis
  • moist
  • punky rotten decorticated wood
  • rotting
  • bark of dead
  • bark of dead branch in water
  • exposed bark and mineral soil
  • the base of a tree on west bank of fox river at southern limits
  • rotting decorticated wood
  • wet roots
  • decorticated
  • floodplain
  • loose bark of rotting log
  • rotting decorticated hardwood log
  • rotten-punky decorticated wet log
  • sound
  • bark at base of sapling in very wet soil at edge of swamp
  • bark at base of Fraxinus
  • rotten wood
  • dead leaves and sticks
  • wet sticks
  • rocks by stream
  • soil in open
  • old log in bush
  • soil
  • rotting hardwood log in partial shade
  • wet hardwood log in shade
  • old log
  • rocks in the water of river
  • base of bushes
  • the earth
  • limestone
  • rock
  • dead log across lower end of Ox-bow Lake
  • dead log
  • a log in a pool
  • rocks in a pool
  • decayed wood
  • log in pond
  • small horizontal roots submerged
  • tree limbs in mud flat
  • base of trees
  • decaying log
  • rocks in branch tributary
  • burned log
  • sandhills
  • the ground
  • trees and decaying logs
  • stone in stream
  • limestone rocks in creek
  • side of Carex aquatilis tussock
  • dry rock
  • dirt with ashes
  • clayey soil next to trail
  • rocks in brook
  • wet soil
  • moist soil